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What are ‘cookies’?
A Cookie is a small file of letters/numbers which are stored on your computer. They enable websites to function properly, and provide companies with business and marketing information in order to improve the online experience.

A cookie consists of information: when you visit a site, this send the cookie to your computer which is then stored in a file located inside your web browser

How do we use cookies to improve your online experience?
The purpose of cookies is to help websites keep track of your visits and activity

By ticking the below box, you are agreeing to us storing and accessing cookies, IP addresses and using other methods in order to collect website usage data.

This can include information such as your location in the world, how you use our

First Luggage uses cookies on www.firstluggage.com as follows –

  • To ensure our customers receive a consistent service
  • To store your acceptance of the Privacy Policy, cookies policy and website Terms & Conditions – without this, you cannot access our website
  • To improve our website’s ease of use

What to do if you do not want to consent to the use of cookies

You can easily change the settings on your internet browser to disable cookies as
follows –

  1. Open your browser. Because cookies are stored in your web browser, the
    first step is to open your browser. Popular browsers include Firefox, Chrome,
    Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  2. Find where cookies are stored. Each browser manages cookies in a
    different location. For example, in Internet Explorer, you can find them by clicking “Tools” and then “Internet Options.” From there, select “General” and “Browsing history” and “Settings.” In Chrome, choose “Preferences” from the Chrome menu in the navigation bar, which will display your settings. Then expand the “Advanced” option to display “Privacy and security.” From there, open “Content settings” and “Cookies.”
  3. Manage your cookies. Every browser gives you a range of options for
    enabling or deleting cookies. Internet Explorer, for instance, allows you to manage cookies under “Privacy” and “Advanced.” In Chrome, find where cookies are stored as outlined above, then select your management options under “Cookies.”

Refer to guidance such as www.allaboutcookies.org for further information

Please note:

  • Some aspects of our website will not function properly without the use of cookies
  • Deleting browser cookies can remove your opt out preferences, so you may need to opt out again.